Serving Others

My kids are a bit self centered. They tend to be a bit self absorbed and often do not think about others first. Well all right they are teens some of this is normal but just to be safe, enter community service. Tonight our church helped serve dinner at a center for individuals with HIV/AIDS... Continue Reading →

Missed Rites of Passage

This was the backdrop for our announcement. I said we were expecting, she was due to arrive on 12/23/16, her name and her age. Several of my smart mouth friends (who I love dearly) made comments about my womb size and how long I waited to give birth. HAHAHA ok ok I get it but... Continue Reading →

Addressing Stereotypes

Well this week is of course St Patrick's Day week and so I got braced for the obvious. If you ever meet me in person it is very obvious I am Irish from the reddish blonde hair, ruddy complexion or half a bazillion freckles I cannot deny my roots. I grow sick of the drunk... Continue Reading →

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