Bike Rides, Baptism, Communion and Easter

Super duper busy weekend this weekend. Wow so much happened so fast. On Saturday the weather was beautiful so we decided to go on a bike ride. We have trails in Albany which are off the road and relatively level so even less experienced riders can be safe. I bought two bikes from Craigslist for... Continue Reading →

Easter Prep

M2's basket is on the left,                  M1's basket is on the right   Baskets are made. Eggs are colored.   M1's version of Superman vs Batman

Easter Firsts

Last night we colored eggs as is the tradition in our house. My BFF comes over and we all color eggs the night before Easter. Little Man and Little Bit had never colored eggs before. The look of awe on their faces was amazing as M1 and M2 showed them what to do and what... Continue Reading →

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