Here Comes the Bad News Train

I am wiped after the funeral for M1 and M2's birth Grandmother but not just because of the drama their family thrives in. This time it was my own family drama that got the best of me. On Tuesday my Mom called me and told me the first biopsy done on her eyebrow was positive... Continue Reading →

Devastating Birth Family News

Wow my head is still spinning. For those that do not know the story, I have known M1 and M2's family for over 16 years. I met M1 when she as 4 months old and was in her biological Aunt's life for a year before that...why does that on..... I got a phone call... Continue Reading →

Discussing Death

Yeah ok I thought the lady conversations were boy was I mistaken this whole you death thing is so much more difficult. OK Let me back up a bit to help you understand what has been going on..... We have one main sitter in our lives her name is Dee, well its not but... Continue Reading →

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