First Week New Year

OK so this week has been awful with N being belligerent and defiant inside and outside of the house. I was so freaking done then it dawned on me why. So I sat her down and talked to her.  I asked her how she felt about my injury and initially she was defiant and refused... Continue Reading →

Losing the teenage war

Let me be clear, three days ago I knew M1 had an electronic device in her room. She had accidentally liked a post on one of my friends pages and when confronted immediately stated that it was her friend not her that did it. OK yes your friends have your password, no they did not... Continue Reading →

The Stealing Never Ends.

OK so I tell M1  that Eminem is an "angry little white man" but hey she can relate to the lyrics so whatever. Well when Momma is steamed I turn to Pink. All right not as trendy as the white rapper boy but hey I am old. So today after a confrontation with M1 the... Continue Reading →

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