Yep finally happened. 755 days after meeting N for the first time, we got to officially adopt her!!!! I wasn't sure if I wanted to laugh or cry to be honest it seemed like such a crazy long journey. I was worried at the start of the day something would go wrong..did I mention I... Continue Reading →

Lies Falling Like Leaves

Sooooo today I took the three girls to Kicker Arena Cross. If you have no idea what that is, it is dirt bike and quad racing. Yep my inner country was showing. See proof I really go there. So at some point M1 asks if she can go to the bathroom. I look at her... Continue Reading →

On Being a Daughter

I am known at work for my laughter as odd as that sounds. My cubicle is at the top of the stairs and when I start laughing apparently it reverberates down the stairs. Yes I laugh a lot so much so in fact they use it to gauge if I am in each day. Today... Continue Reading →

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