Wanting (not really) to come home

M1 told me Wednesday she wanted to move back home. I said we had to talk first. She blew me off Wed night, didn't have time Thurs or Fri. Arranged a time on Sat, she made sure to cut it short. I told her that if she wanted to come home she had to contribute... Continue Reading →

Return to Chaos

The downside of soo much stress of course is that for someone like me who tends to internalize these things, well it has negative consequences. I now have a full blown cold and feel just miserable as M1 has returned and wrecked havoc yet again. Good news it is not between N and M2 it... Continue Reading →

Feeling Used

Today M1 sent another message to me asking if she could move home. This time she told me she had to move home because "her friends need her". I reminded her that she was miserable with us. She had nothing but disdain for me and was constantly angry at her sisters. Since we had not... Continue Reading →

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