Apple Picking and Court Dates

One of my most favorite pastimes in the fall is apple picking. We live in upstate NY and have a wealth of places to go to get any kind of apple you can imagine. I am a bit of an apple snob and only like certain ones. My parents playfully tease me about it and... Continue Reading →

Sealing her fate

OK at this point M1 is in serious trouble. Remember how I told you all that she told me it was shoplifting one time...well here is the police report with identifying information removed. M1, 17, of N**  was charged with Larceny by Detective MG for a series of thefts from the Walmart jewelry department. No... Continue Reading →

5 in the Bed?

Remember that two years ago I talked about having five kids at the end of the year. I thought it would be the Littles, N and my two. Yeah funny how life plays out AND yet the number 5 still sticks to all my paperwork. Today another county DSS came to see me at my... Continue Reading →

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