Making Memories

OK yes I get it the pandemic is hard on all of us. Take care of yourself, take care of your kids, I get it. None of this is working for me and I was in the military I can function in constant stress. I am NOT made to be a Mom, school teacher, day... Continue Reading →

Fire Pit Finale

I selected this area for the fire pit. My pet project. M2 and Baby K helped me clear out the space so we could make the fire pit area. Baby K and I tilled the ground to ensure no more grass would grow underneath Baby K and I put down the sand before the rocks.... Continue Reading →

“Not Right” Tacos

So for a few weeks now M1 has been asking if she can make tacos for dinner. Well since I am allergic to beef I have been saying no. But I just had a tooth extraction and so I could not eat with the family so I bought all the fixings for tacos and told... Continue Reading →

Budding Vegetarians

OK so before I had the kids I did not eat meat. No it was not a religious thing or cruelty to animal thing it was a I don't like the taste of meat ever thing. No matter how it was cooked I did not like it but choked it down in public. So the... Continue Reading →

Baking the Apples

So you may recall we went apple picking a few weeks ago. Finally this weekend we had time to bake them into something and the kids were excited. First up was ┬áCaramel Apple Crumble. The kids peeled, mixed and stirred and kept most of it in the bowls amazingly. Next was the Apple Cinnamon Muffins.... Continue Reading →

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