Serving Others

My kids are a bit self centered. They tend to be a bit self absorbed and often do not think about others first. Well all right they are teens some of this is normal but just to be safe, enter community service. Tonight our church helped serve dinner at a center for individuals with HIV/AIDS... Continue Reading →

Starting to Heal

WOW let me tell you the surgery second time around hurts just as much as it did 15 years ago. Great news, healing well, scar tissues and calcifications cleared out and plate in with minimal complications. Now give me a moment to brag about the kiddos. My Mom took the kids on Tuesday and my... Continue Reading →

Kiddos to the rescue

Well it was bound to happen at some point but I truly assumed it would be to M2 as she is the most "coordination challenged" of our crew. We had an accident at Tae Kwon Do on Thursday and no it was not M2 who fell victim, unfortunately it was me. We were sparring and... Continue Reading →

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