Room Cleanings

Let me start by saying this is not a complaint in any way. It is more a statement of things that happened today in case some other parents reading might have this same struggle. I decided today since it was pouring rain outside that the rooms would be cleaned with my help. Now both my... Continue Reading →

Outside work

Today M1 took Baby K and M2 for a walk around the cemetary where their Grandmother is buried. They had a cook out with a few other family members and had a generally good time. N refused to get out of bed or do anything but it was a gorgeous day so forget this I... Continue Reading →

Gad Awful Rooms

I must admit I am not a neat freak. HOWEVER clutter bothers the bejesus out of me. Enter three teen girls. M1 likes to throw stuff on her floor. She hoards food and I find it in drawers, bins and sometimes under her pillow. M2 throws stuff literally everywhere. She does not hoard food but... Continue Reading →

Whirlwind Days

You know in the playground so many years ago they had a spinning ride that your friends ran around to get you going then jumped on with you? You have to be a bit older I suppose to remember them but they were fun. Well they are fun when they are a ride and not... Continue Reading →

Mom 1 Defiant Teen 0

OK please understand I am laughing as I type this because of the absurdity of all of it. Yes it is all true, I swear so hopefully you can laugh too. I have told N now for four days to clean up her room. It is gad-awful, clothes, wrappers and dirt all over. Ignores me... Continue Reading →

Yes Mom my Room is Clean

OK so M1 and I have a completely different understanding of what clean is. Now I am clear what clean looks like to me BUT she is 15 and for the last 10 years we have struggled and fought over the need to keep her room clean. Now I need to be clear, she hoards... Continue Reading →

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