I am writing this at 4am on Christmas morning. Baby S has just been fed and she is "arguing" with me as she falls asleep in her swing. She is so funny she becomes very vocal as she puts herself to sleep. She grunts and grunts which is why it sounds like she is mad... Continue Reading →

Navigating Job Readiness

Nope not M1 this time!! So at this point N has a vocational worker who is teaching her things that are required for on the job. Problem, N assumes this means that next week at 16 she can apply for and get a job no issues. While the worker and I have both told her... Continue Reading →

Today’s Church Sermon

There was a song from a long time ago that went like this: He sang as if he knew me In all my dark despair And then he looked right through me As if I wasn't there And he just kept on singing Singing clear and strong Strumming my pain with his fingers Singing my... Continue Reading →

Sometimes It’s Me

I admit I have my own issues, sometimes those issues can interfere with my ability to parent. Fortunately I do reach out for help. Like I said in the previous post, the slope was getting slippery. Mothers Day is finally over and I am so glad. We had a talent show at church and M1... Continue Reading →

Serving Others

My kids are a bit self centered. They tend to be a bit self absorbed and often do not think about others first. Well all right they are teens some of this is normal but just to be safe, enter community service. Tonight our church helped serve dinner at a center for individuals with HIV/AIDS... Continue Reading →

Finally First Communion

Well today is the day I have waited for for three years. Yes three years, M2 finally made her First Communion. For those that don't know in our other church M2 was not allowed to make her First Communion because she "wasn't able to comprehend" what the sacrament was about. OK my kiddo is developmentally... Continue Reading →

Old Church New Church

It was a┬ávery emotional day today. After several weeks of not being able to tell the old church I was not coming back I had finally composed the email to send. I explained to the Rector that the church had become unhealthy as evidenced by the series of angry and vengeful emails that have been... Continue Reading →

Trying on other churches

Well today we decided that we would try a new church. Now I am not sure I ever mentioned but I did not want to change rites, I enjoy being an Episcopalian, but I needed to think about different congregations. So I remembered that there was an Episcopalian church right near where I use to... Continue Reading →

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