I am writing this at 4am on Christmas morning. Baby S has just been fed and she is "arguing" with me as she falls asleep in her swing. She is so funny she becomes very vocal as she puts herself to sleep. She grunts and grunts which is why it sounds like she is mad... Continue Reading →

Weekend Before Christmas

It has been a tough week. M2 has been a good help with the babies but N requires constant prompting to help with the most minimal of tasks. I get so tired of having to lay everything out but then have to control my anger as part of it is her disability. She does help... Continue Reading →

Making Christmas Merry

Last night at the 4pm service the Rector talked about being more spiritual during Christmas not to convert people or "make them" follow your beliefs but rather to bring yourself peace during turbulent times. I heard what he said and tried to take it to heart, and then the texts started. I want to come... Continue Reading →

Christmas Blues

I struggle a lot during the Christmas season and even when M1 is not off the wall it has always been hard to get through the holidays. I go through the motions, making cookies, going to mass, handing out presents and cooking the dinner but the whole time there is a persistent sadness that has... Continue Reading →

Mommy Tell Me the Truth

I was cornered in the house the other day by M2 and N.  Both looked at me very expectantly and asked me the question I knew at some point I would have to answer anyway. "Mommy is there a Santa Claus?" Now most parents I know field this question when the kids are 6 or... Continue Reading →

Christmas Time

Christmas time came and went and we had a ton of firsts and excitement. On Christmas eve we baked cookies. M1 had never on her own made up cookie dough and N had never actually stamped out sugar cookies before. Both did well and yes I took charge of baking because, well that is annoying... Continue Reading →

Merry Christmas one and all

The big day finally came. M2 was up later then usual for her and bounced me out of bed yelling "Santa knows I still like Toy Story" I opened one eye and saw it was light out...translation no chance of getting more sleep. M1 came up a bit later and brought some gifts to open.... Continue Reading →

Christmas Traditions

Today my boss came up and asked my co worker and I if we had any Christmas traditions we passed on from our families of origin to our current families. My co worker sang stories from a book and lovingly created these for her brand new daughter as she beamed with pride. I felt awkward... Continue Reading →

Through M2’s Eyes

I forget sometimes that M2 also has a perspective on life, especially hers. Yesterday I had to go to a funeral for a friend who lost her battle with breast cancer. I explained to the kids I was sad that she died because I would miss her but that she was in heaven now so... Continue Reading →

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