Wednesday Awfulness

 Yah so about N on Wednesday night....grrr yep I called her on the fact she had stolen 2 cans of corn, 3 cans of mushrooms and 6 Go-Gurts. I reminded her that stuffing her face full of food, as she was downing the pint of ice cream, was not going to help her deal with the... Continue Reading →

Who is to blame?

I have had the baby since Thursday and I was exhausted to my core. I did not want to have to care for another baby. I am too old, too tired and frankly too angry. I have snapped at my kids and spent a ton of time crying in frustration. Additionally on Friday, M1 sent... Continue Reading →

Managing Frustration

N was away at respite this weekend. When I went downstairs to put some new clothes on her bed I saw the bag of chips that was missing. I sighed, second time in three weeks she has stolen food from me. I took her off the internet and waited for her to return and of... Continue Reading →

Visiting N’s Birth Family

Today we drove to Boonville to visit N's birth family. A two and a half hour drive through country, country and an occasional pseudo city. We were to meet them at the park and visit for two hours. We coordinated a lunch in advance so the kids on both sides would not be hungry. OMG... Continue Reading →

Meeting N in person

Well it happened, yesterday we went to the zoo to meet N the child we would potentially adopt. OMG it was surreal. She was nervous, we were nervous and her staff looked awkward. She was all dressed up and my heart hurt as I thought, how sad she thinks she has to impress me. She looked... Continue Reading →

Winds of Change

So BirthMom got an apartment and has not moved in yet. There is no rhyme or reason to it though she gives "reasons" none are real reasons. I am concerned but what can I do except offer support. The caseworker is frustrated too, Mom wants to keep her job but works from 12-7pm the case... Continue Reading →

Daring to Hope???

Ok so the old homefinder was replaced and the new ones stepped in. Both of them teach the MAPP/GPS class with me and one of them is my case worker so sometimes things are awkward. Well my caseworker called me and told me good news, looks like Mom got an apartment so things could finally move.... Continue Reading →

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