I know lately I have been complaining and venting a lot so I wanted to be sure to remember during the season of giving how truly blessed I actually am because yes it is hard to remember. Yesterday A sent me a message "I noticed you had a cold. Why don't you let me take... Continue Reading →

Sometimes It’s Me

I admit I have my own issues, sometimes those issues can interfere with my ability to parent. Fortunately I do reach out for help. Like I said in the previous post, the slope was getting slippery. Mothers Day is finally over and I am so glad. We had a talent show at church and M1... Continue Reading →

Heart Breaking Talks

So I still see Little Bit and Little Man and this weekend I got to have Little Bit come and visit. Her brother was running a fever and not himself so it was tough but of course I love to take either or both of them. When I went to pick them up Little Bit... Continue Reading →

Keeping Old Promises

Wow I am just not even sure how to organize the latest in my brain. No worries things with N are going well and M1 and M2 well it is raising as usual. But here is where it gets complicated.... I have a friend named A. We have been friends since I was her respite... Continue Reading →

Starting to Heal

WOW let me tell you the surgery second time around hurts just as much as it did 15 years ago. Great news, healing well, scar tissues and calcifications cleared out and plate in with minimal complications. Now give me a moment to brag about the kiddos. My Mom took the kids on Tuesday and my... Continue Reading →

Unexpected Changing

A strange thing has happened in the ANYM household, the Momma bear has gone down. Yep in the middle of all the CPS drama my actual body started to break down secondary to the bombing accident back in 2005. See in 2005 before the girls I was actually in Iraq as a solider and I... Continue Reading →

Kiddos to the rescue

Well it was bound to happen at some point but I truly assumed it would be to M2 as she is the most "coordination challenged" of our crew. We had an accident at Tae Kwon Do on Thursday and no it was not M2 who fell victim, unfortunately it was me. We were sparring and... Continue Reading →

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