Camping (Again) with the Littles

Looks like an idyllic summer day does it not? As you can see N, Little Man and Little Bit were taking in the sun and shore up at Lake Champlain. The water was FREEZING!!! I mean seriously ice cold. M1 would not get in and after about and hour I told them we had to... Continue Reading →

Second Camping Trip

This weekend we got to go camping with the Little's. They had asked if they could go after our first trip and their Grandfather said absolutely as long as I was all right with it. Really you kidding??!? Of course I will take them !!!!!! We decided to go to Hearthstone Point this time around.... Continue Reading →

First Camping Trip

I took the kids camping this weekend. We use to camp a lot but the last two years we sort of cut back because of all the nonsense I had to endure. I decided this year we would do it as it was time for the family to be a family WITHOUT electronics causing use... Continue Reading →

Camping Fun

Little Man and Little Bit had never been camping before so this was going to be it. We packed everything into the Grand Caravan and drove a whole 20 minutes over the ┬ámountain to the camp site close to home. I have camped with kids before and if either were going to have a melt... Continue Reading →

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