Birthday Ups and Downs

OK the cake looked sad but she loved it. I felt bad on so many levels. I am usually better at cakes, see other birthday posts, but today I was rocking a cold from hades and oh yeah a fever of 101. Yuck not the time for this to happen I have to make birthday... Continue Reading →

Birthday Girl

Well my not so little girl turns 12 today. She came to live with me a week before her first birthday as a medically fragile infant. Now she is a robust and mostly happy pre-teen. Happy Birthday M2 and yes per your request we are going to Friendly's!!!!

Birthdays Galore

OK so M1 and my Mom have birthdays near each other. My Mom is 8/6 and M1 is 8/7 so this weekend was a biggy. Mom was 70, my kiddo 16. Yeah so M2 is a bit caked out but oh well such as it is. My Mom had a great day and saw so... Continue Reading →

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