Almost One

It is hard to believe that in two short days Baby K will be a year old. She is developing quite the little personality and of course starting with words and yikes walking. Fortunately we still have to hold her hands when she tries to move her feet but it won't be long. So much... Continue Reading →

Birthday Ups and Downs

OK the cake looked sad but she loved it. I felt bad on so many levels. I am usually better at cakes, see other birthday posts, but today I was rocking a cold from hades and oh yeah a fever of 101. Yuck not the time for this to happen I have to make birthday... Continue Reading →

Feeling Bad for Myself

Well today is my birthday, please do NOT wish me a happy birthday because..well just don't I can explain. When I was 10 years old my fathers mother had a stroke and died 14 days later. My parents told me it was my fault she has the stroke and for several years after her death,... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday Little Man

Well I should have guessed it would happen. At 4:30 this morning a very excited M2 jumped into my bed announcing it was morning. I shushed her quickly and told her it was no where near time to get up yet. I must have fallen back to sleep because the next thing I hear is... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday Little Bit

Today is Little Bit's birthday and she turned 2. She awoke to the scene above and yes that is her birthday shirt She loved her cake too but could not understand why it was not breakfast food. I did let her taste test the dress though after all a bit of breakfast frosting on your... Continue Reading →

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