Turning 2

Today is Baby K's birthday and she turned 2. Mom and Dad came over first thing to celebrate and wake her up on her special day. Fleece blanked is two sided. One side Minnie/Mickey and one side Elsa. The pile of presents

Visiting N’s Birth Family

Today we drove to Boonville to visit N's birth family. A two and a half hour drive through country, country and an occasional pseudo city. We were to meet them at the park and visit for two hours. We coordinated a lunch in advance so the kids on both sides would not be hungry. OMG... Continue Reading →

Happy Un-Mother’s Day

One of my favorite bloggers ABM wrote about the challenges with Mother's Day and I had to agree with most of what she said. Now I have been a Mom for 12 years now, and  just like the tides of the ocean, waves of emotion come through our home. When I first became a foster... Continue Reading →

Two Months Down One to Go

It has been just over two months now that N has lived with us. In her world this is a record. The longest placement was three so we still have a month to go but no worries we are heading in that direction. Parenting N is hard though and today fortunately one of the workers... Continue Reading →

The Continuing Little’s Saga

Well today we had an emergency meeting about the Little's. Mom and Dad were invited and Dad did not show up. Case worker and Supervisor blew gaskets the are suppose to go home next week!!!! All right deep breath everybody off the ledge. We talked to Mom and she has no child care plan for... Continue Reading →

Missing- One Birth Father

Well it is officially 6 weeks since the Little's birth father has confirmed for a visit. He saw the kids two weeks ago at Mom's house but has not called for his own visit which is I might add, supervised. The case worker got a hold of him last week and he claimed that he... Continue Reading →

Meeting Dad

So after my event at the beginning of the week with the drug dealer I am a little more cautious when entering and leaving day care. I stay aware of my surroundings and actually carry my phone in case I need it. Two days ago per usual I go to drop Little Man and Little... Continue Reading →

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