Happy Un-Mother’s Day

One of my favorite bloggers ABM wrote about the challenges with Mother's Day and I had to agree with most of what she said. Now I have been a Mom for 12 years now, and  just like the tides of the ocean, waves of emotion come through our home. When I first became a foster... Continue Reading →

Tantrums are Contagious

I am sure Moms of younger kids will agree that tantrums are contagious but guess what for teens they are too!!! Yep fun fact, one kid has a melt down another will soon follow...all right maybe it is just at my house LOL We are driving to Tae Kwon Do on Saturday when N announces... Continue Reading →

“Not the Mom-ma!”

I was in my cubicle today at work and I was deep into data entry when I heard someone call my name. I turn to see the office gossip at my entrance. I sigh, I don't usually have patience for her, my life has enough drama without her but I am running a new program... Continue Reading →

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