Un-Great Escape

N had respite this weekend and M1 took M2 for Friday to Saturday so I had a day home alone and cleaned like it was my job. Oh wait it is my  job. It took me 3 hours to scrub N's room and it was nasty. I threw out 2 bags of garbage and donated... Continue Reading →

Melt Down Miracles

When you have three teenage girls it is inevitable that everyone will sync up. Translation one week solid of raging hormones and not enough ice cream for this Momma bear to deal at times. But the good news is that there was a silver lining this time. It was small but it was there. Sooooo... Continue Reading →

Dear Teen of Mine

OK know I am venting and will never in a million years send this to her nor will I EVER say any of the content out loud as she is my child and despite it all I love her. Dear M1 Today the song from Pink is blaring in my head Sometimes I hate every single... Continue Reading →

Tough day gets tougher

So I finally did it..I submitted the paperwork for M2 to get considered for long term care and did my best not to cry as I dropped the envelope into the mailbox. I know I need to do it but it still makes me sad to know she will need these services. I can get through... Continue Reading →

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