Familiar Territory

On Friday N's school had a tag sale to raise money for charity. The same day, N came home with $60 in her pocket. I asked her about it and she swore up and down a friend gave it to her. Umm no you don't have any friends really and the ones you do have... Continue Reading →

Whirlwind Days

You know in the playground so many years ago they had a spinning ride that your friends ran around to get you going then jumped on with you? You have to be a bit older I suppose to remember them but they were fun. Well they are fun when they are a ride and not... Continue Reading →

Melt Down Miracles

When you have three teenage girls it is inevitable that everyone will sync up. Translation one week solid of raging hormones and not enough ice cream for this Momma bear to deal at times. But the good news is that there was a silver lining this time. It was small but it was there. Sooooo... Continue Reading →

Creating Chaos in 3,2,1

I went to the city for two day this week as part of a study for the Veterans Administration. I left my flock in the care of my BFF who I thought could handle the job of picking up in the evening, one sleepover and dropping off the next day. All care was arranged, meals... Continue Reading →

Dear Teen of Mine

OK know¬†I am venting and will never in a million years send this to her nor will I EVER say any of the content out loud as she is my child and despite it all I love her. Dear M1 Today the song from Pink is blaring in my head Sometimes I hate every single... Continue Reading →

When it rains….

So yesterday I am at work and the phone rings. I pick it up and it is the counselor from the YMCA. My heart races is M2 ok, she freaks occasionally and runs when scared. The counselor said that the issue was with M1. What the heck..did she get hurt? The counselor talks in a... Continue Reading →

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