Big Steps for Smaller White Belts

When we started the TKD journey I was not sure how long it would be, if ever that M2 would go without me. Weeks went by and I stayed by her side coaching, encouraging and yes sometimes threatening LOL. Last week we were doing forms and the issue is that I as a black belt... Continue Reading →

Boots Boots Boots

OK so I am a pessimist. I thought it was going to come soon and today was the day. After two mornings of getting up and getting out on schedule today was the day it all fell apart. You see last night it snowed and this morning we had to get out of the house... Continue Reading →

My Autism Experience

I know when people hear about Autism and children with Autism the stereotypes abound. Ignorance also abounds and as it is Autism Awareness Month I thought I would tell you what Autism looks like in my house. M2 is on the Autism Spectrum. Her official diagnosis is Pervasive Development Disorder Not Otherwise Specified. M2 loves her... Continue Reading →

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