Apple Picking

When you live in upstate NY you go apple picking...its sort of a thing so N and M2 and I all went to the local orchard to pick apples to make applesauce.

Apple Picking Take Two

Today was the church outing. The outing was fun but we all got lost. The first van went to the wrong orchard. My van arrived on location. The third van containing the Rector and his wife got stuck for an hour in traffic. It was not really funny but considering how this got planned I... Continue Reading →

Baking the Apples

So you may recall we went apple picking a few weeks ago. Finally this weekend we had time to bake them into something and the kids were excited. First up was ┬áCaramel Apple Crumble. The kids peeled, mixed and stirred and kept most of it in the bowls amazingly. Next was the Apple Cinnamon Muffins.... Continue Reading →

Apple Picking

It is almost officially fall and my favorite activity of all picking... has officially begun. So today I decided against house cleaning and took the kids out. Yep my house is a mess right now....oh well...I am pretty sure no one is coming over LOL We went to the local orchard....okay not really local....but... Continue Reading →

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