Skyping with N

So I pray when my exile is over, With the pain and the heartache behind us, Back in the peace of the valley you'll find us- My Noreen, Mo Storin, and me. OK no N's real name is not Noreen. I was jamming to Celtic Thunder and the song Noreen came on and I realized... Continue Reading →

Keeping Things Moving

So things got moving really fast, phew it has been a whirl wind. The adoption worker did email me and sent me 13 attachments and documents I had to fill out. I downloaded everything and spent yesterday filling it out. Today I asked about a half a million questions about the paperwork. Yikes I had forgotten... Continue Reading →

Getting Back on Track

WOW it has been a weekend of huge emotions here at Maison ANYM. We got the fantastically good news on Friday that I was FINALLY cleared. I cried and cried and did I mention cried. Dear heavens I had no idea how much stress this was causing me, well that and the girls, they screamed... Continue Reading →

Chicken Soup Follow Up

Dear "ANYM " Your story “A Voice in the Desert  ” has made it to the final selection round for Chicken Soup for the Soul: Angels and Miracles. We are so appreciative of your participation and very excited about this book. Please find enclosed the final version of your story for approval. Please review your story for truth, accuracy of... Continue Reading →

Mom Did You Ever…..

So M1 is on a new tear lately and it amuses me to some end I must admit. It started a few weeks ago when I had hung up with my Mom and M1 could see I was frustrated. She said to me "Mom did you ever bother Grandma when you were growing up?" I... Continue Reading →

Surviving a Break Up

Today M1 was sullen when I picked her up from the sitter. She was not angry just sullen and  I knew head on questioning would get me no where. Freaking great I am not so good at the subtle thing but I have to make this work. I made the kids their favorite dinner and... Continue Reading →

Breaking from the pain

Well I have to pick up the pieces. No I have not been cleared yet. I was told "my goal is to submit next week (this week)" It's ok it is my life on hold no rush you are only on week 6 of 8 before you MUST make a determination. I am angry good... Continue Reading →

Life in Hades

My life is in shambles at the moment and so I decided to write it all out so I can attempt to make sense of the madness that has become reality. Three weeks ago M1 and I went to a local agency which specializes in treating teenage girls with a history of sexual abuse who... Continue Reading →

First Sleepover

Friday night was the big night, N came for a sleep over. We have worked out the schedule so we will have her every weekend for two nights except for a week in September when we will have her for a week. I was nervous and excited so was N. We had dinner, dropped the... Continue Reading →

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