Approaching Finalization

We are finalizing on August 3 at 1 p.m.!!!!!!! Attorney C from our office will be present with ANYM and N. ANYM- The court said other family members/friends are welcome and cameras are fine but no balloons, signs, or cake.. Please confirm you received this email.  Thank you! Yep finally got the word. Believe it or... Continue Reading →

3 Month Anniversary

Guess what it is official we are at three months and one day. N has lasted longer in my home than ANY OTHER of the 8 homes she has been in. OK being straight up there were times I could not imagine holding this together. Well all right it sort of fell apart BUT it... Continue Reading →

N Comes Home

It finally happened, we got to take her home!! I grabbed her and ran like I stole her LOL. OK not really, we got her stuff, packed up her meds, said good-bye to all the girls on the floor and then we ran like we stole it!!! I wish I could post the photo I... Continue Reading →

Starting to feel real

OK so last night I went shopping at the warehouse store because I had coupons and was in desperate need of some basics. As I unloaded my very full cart all of the sudden it hit me....OMG I am preparing for more kids at the house....this is really happening. Yeah the anxiety hit hard at... Continue Reading →

Making it Work

Sooooooo N has spent the last three days with us and it has been a series of ups and downs. The ups are fun for sure the downs, well they suck BUT they don't seem to last long.  The weekend looked like this: Friday- M2 comes up the stairs and says "Can N cut her hair?"... Continue Reading →

Reality and Fun

So in the midst of all the excitement of course I have to do a grade check and you got it M1 is failing most of her courses. After cursing, yelling and threatening me I told her from here out we do it together. I expected more hatred but it was not too bad. Tonight... Continue Reading →

Home study Draft

WOW finally after what seems like an eternity I got a draft of the home study. I was so worried about what she would say as in the middle of the first interview M2 had a melt down. During the second interview M1 and M2 got into a huge fight. She had an issue with... Continue Reading →

Homestudy Jitters

OK so two weeks ago the adoption worker came to the house for the first time. She searched high and low for issues, problems or concerns. We spent a good 2 hours together with me explaining my issues from the war and then my kids issues.  I felt naked and exposed but sucked it up... Continue Reading →

More Visit Time

WOW another world wind weekend with N and I am at home now and exhausted. Yes still worth it but dang I am getting old HAHAHAHA. On Saturday it is rainy and gross to be honest. We went to a place called WonderWorks in Syracuse. The link is WonderWorks OMG so freaking much fun. There was... Continue Reading →

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