One Year Later

Last year at this time I had just been visited by CPS for what would end up being the worst year I have survived in the states. I had the Littles  and was transitioning them home. I was visiting N and making plans to move her in. Somewhere in the midst of all the happiness... Continue Reading →

Littles Come to Visit

I got a text this morning from the Littles Grandfather: ANYM can you please take the munchkins for a little bit so I can clean the house and try to get their Mom off the street. I don't want you to change any plans just if you had time could you? In reality we go to church... Continue Reading →

Heroin and its victims

I have been thinking a lot since last night and my last post but finally I came to realize that I need to get it off my chest and actually address the real monster in the room which is heroin. I am not going to get on a soapbox. My brother was addicted to crack/cocaine... Continue Reading →

Having Faith and not Fear

I just realized today how much time I spend hoping and thinking I am right. But we all have that one thing we hope to be wrong about...yeah it didn't work out for me. So the phone rings at 7:30 on Friday and it is the daycare Little Bit goes to, they found Mom beat... Continue Reading →

One Chapter Ends….or does it

Well it is official, today I found out that the Little's Mom has an apartment and moves in on Monday. I want to be happy and part of me is, most of me is terrified, deeply terrified. She will be in an apartment at the YWCA and part of that is good but then again,... Continue Reading →

Missing- One Birth Father

Well it is officially 6 weeks since the Little's birth father has confirmed for a visit. He saw the kids two weeks ago at Mom's house but has not called for his own visit which is I might add, supervised. The case worker got a hold of him last week and he claimed that he... Continue Reading →

Talking with Mom

Mom has a new cell phone and I call her because Little Man is way out of control this week and has lately been taunting me with "You can't tell my Mom you don't have her phone number"  Well you can imagine the look of shock, then disappointment when he realized that oh crud I... Continue Reading →

The Mess…I Mean Meeting

So today was the day where it was all suppose to make sense to me and the situation with Little Man and Little Bit. My head is spinning after that meeting it is all such a colossal mess I can barely believe I heard it all so here are the highlights. The pluses + Mom... Continue Reading →

Little Man’s Questions begin

Little Man is super smart and scored well on all his kindergarten assessments so a few weeks back I cautioned the Case Manager that soon we would have to come up with some answers for his current situation. He laughed at me and then somewhat blew me off. Yeah I didn't appreciate that but whatever... Continue Reading →

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