Tag Sale Day 1

I knew a tag sale would be a lot of work. I knew this because my friends all told me so and I had no reason to think they would lie. I am organized so I thought it would be easier, nope still hard. So here is how it unfolded... The town I live in... Continue Reading →

Being Teenagers

OK I admit it M1 is many times the challenge in my world but sometimes, she does something that lets me know in there deep down and buried is basically a good kid. Yesterday was that day and here is how it unfolded. I went downstairs to M1's room to install the new baseboard heater.... Continue Reading →

Old Fashioned Fun

Here is a fun fact, my father used to race cars. He raced in the Sportsman Division. While I have no memories of him racing as he quit when I was a toddler, I do remember growing up going to races and loving every minute of it. While I don't follow statistics or anything really,... Continue Reading →

A Crazy Plan That Actually Worked

So how many of you have ever had one of those days were everything is so freaking nuts you thought "Oh well what the hell, nothing else worked lets try this...." and then tried something you usually would not even consider? I went to work this morning after being offered a new job yesterday and... Continue Reading →

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