Hard Knock Life- LOL

When M1 was first in my home she would watch the musical Annie non stop. It turned out, I would find out later, that she and her biological Grandmother would watch it together when she came home from preschool. She loved it to no end and every upgrade, addition and remake I made sure she... Continue Reading →

On the set

"What does an emoji smell like anyway? Why would I want my car to smell like an emoji?" That was the line Patricia Arquette actually said to me and her body double when we were standing waiting for a shot to be reset. Both of us started laughing and the gal in charge of the... Continue Reading →

15 Minutes of Fame

Good news....not kid related but still good news..... This afternoon my phone rang. It was a NYC number I did not know so at first I though just let it go. Then I realized the same number called me last week, if its a wrong number I should tell them. So I pick it up.... Continue Reading →

Casting Call Part 2

You might remember two weeks or so ago I tried out for a movie called Escape at Dannemora. Now I knew there would be call backs the next day and I was not notified so I assumed all bets were off. Whatever it was fun I would do it again..please see lessons learned section!!! Well... Continue Reading →

Casting Call

Sounds like an interesting thought doesn't it?? What if I said it was real and we all actually went to a casting call for an upcoming movie that Ben Stiller is going to produce for Showtime??? Yes I drove the kids and my BFF 3 hours to audition for a part in a mini-series, why... Continue Reading →

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