Please Fast Forward

OK so to all the other Moms out there trying to balance kids, work and maintaining your sanity how are you balancing it? I am about to fall apart at the seams. My night time crying has turned to intermittent day time crying and no it is not pretty. I am completely overwhelmed and yes... Continue Reading →

Minor Heart Attacks

Sooo this afternoon I ordered some food from the warehouse store and said I would pick it up. I grabbed M2 and Baby K and we headed to the bike path to walk while we waited. We had invited N to come with us but she is stuck on miserable mode and refused to budge.... Continue Reading →

What would you do?

I am at a jam currently and am not sure what to do next. Last week CPS called and they were going to close out the case against the kids, you know the one that started in December. They wanted to know if there were any updates I told them sure, last week M1 told... Continue Reading →

The Easter Message

I was pretty sure that last night was awful. How stupid and foolish I was. This morning was sooooo much worse I felt like last night was amateur hour. Kids get up and get excited about their lunch boxes stuffed with candy. M1 eventually emerges from her room and then goes back into her room.... Continue Reading →

Unexpected Court Date

No worries, the Littles are fine as is my brood. Today at work one of my coworkers gets a phone call from an office mate. She had called the police, her fiance has "lost his mind" destroyed property and attacked her. Work was in a panic, why......well we all work together even the fiancee. Quickly... Continue Reading →

Facing my reality

I think I may have mentioned before the M1 is diagnosed with Reactive Attachment Disorder. While the struggle is very real and very hard I often lie to myself about how bad it really is living with it day in and out. Let me clarify On Monday I ask her where her homework is. She... Continue Reading →

You are going down substitute!!!

I am sooo freaking mad right now I am writing to calm down and process this information.┬áM1 told me that she had a substitute English teacher one day this week. This piece of garbage said to a student in the class "Well it is obvious you are not listening. Your parents probably want to give... Continue Reading →

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