Mud run fun

Today N, M2 and my BFF did a mud run. You can see M2 in the blue and N in the pink in the above photo. I am to the left getting a drink so you can only see a bit of me but yeah I am good sized. Anyway....the mudrun we did today is... Continue Reading →

Keeping the peace

So it has been a week since M1 took off telling me it will be an hour two at the most and then she didn't bother to come back until 2am then the next day she left for the remainder of the week. Yesterday she told me she wanted to take the girls swimming and... Continue Reading →


OK let me take a break from M1 drama for a moment and type about the other two kiddos and what they have been up to. They have been doing all right and the fact M1 stays away most days from our home is fine as they fight a lot less. Today we went volunteering... Continue Reading →

The Easter Message

I was pretty sure that last night was awful. How stupid and foolish I was. This morning was sooooo much worse I felt like last night was amateur hour. Kids get up and get excited about their lunch boxes stuffed with candy. M1 eventually emerges from her room and then goes back into her room.... Continue Reading →

A Very Unpleasant Easter

I was in the kitchen making up the peanut butter pie for Easter dinner. It was 9pm and the house was quiet. I love cooking so right about then I was in my happy space. Kids were home, in their rooms and I was making a huge family dinner. It did not get better than... Continue Reading →

Learning Skills

Today was one of the worst morning starts ever!!!!! OMG M2 and N going at it over a pair of shoes that M2 said N could borrow that both wanted to wear today. UUUUUGGGGGGGG, the real issue, today we had orientation for their new volunteer job of cat care at the local animal shelter. Both... Continue Reading →

Practicing Self Care

I had a long talk with my counselor about the mess that my life has become. I am aware that I will likely spend a large portion of my life raising an infant I had no desire to parent. Yes I am angry but it isn't the child's fault. The other larger issue is me... Continue Reading →

Re-integration of M1

It has been a long couple of days at chez ANYM. I am sometimes ready to kick M1 out again but then realize all she is really doing is showing me how unable she is to care for anyone or anything, so I must be patient. She came home Sunday and the understanding she agreed... Continue Reading →

Returned Again

M1 returned to the house today. We made her switch rooms so she did not have free access to a back door to slip boys in and out of. Also, now that she is pregnant, I can't have the infant crying and waking up N when it comes to school time. No not due any... Continue Reading →

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