Frightening Fantasies

At this point I am afraid for M1 and it is because she is so far caught in this fantasy of what her life is that there are a few harsh realities I am afraid will crush her. She contacted me last night and asked how to tell the difference between bed bug bites and... Continue Reading →

Missed Rites of Passage

This was the backdrop for our announcement. I said we were expecting, she was due to arrive on 12/23/16, her name and her age. Several of my smart mouth friends (who I love dearly) made comments about my womb size and how long I waited to give birth. HAHAHA ok ok I get it but... Continue Reading →

Bizarre Conversations

So last night at dinner M1 was actually engaging in a conversation, yes I did mark the calendar. She was asking me questions about all the doctors I was seeing and why. I explained it simply but not detailed as I did not want to worry her. Well then the conversation took a turn for... Continue Reading →

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