Off to Basic Training

Yesterday M1 dropped boytoy off at MEPS. For those that don't know MEPS is the Military Entrance Processing Unit. Located down the street from where I work, it is where the recruits for all services start their paperwork for basic training. He was sequestered after 4pm and could only talk to my daughter via phone.... Continue Reading →

Hard Knock Life- LOL

When M1 was first in my home she would watch the musical Annie non stop. It turned out, I would find out later, that she and her biological Grandmother would watch it together when she came home from preschool. She loved it to no end and every upgrade, addition and remake I made sure she... Continue Reading →

Unfortunate Turn of Events

Today I was told by protective services that I was to return Baby S to her parents. They then told me that the safety plan was revoked and no follow up was recommended. My heart dropped and I felt absolutely sick to my stomach. What do you mean not needed? Are you out of your... Continue Reading →

Dealing with M1 Frustrations

One of the harder things I struggle with when it comes to M1 is the fact she only contacts me when she needs something. I can text her ask how things are going and while she does answer, she makes no attempt to talk to me unless there is a need. Yesterday was pretty typical... Continue Reading →

Another Year

Soo I rang in the new year trying to convince Baby S she needed to get to sleep. She was not really on board with the idea and it was past 12:30 when she finally decided to sleep. Oh well it is what it is and she did sleep until 5am so that was pretty... Continue Reading →

Christmas Day itself

I will start with a funny story, though it is only funny because it was not serious. I have been cooking since I was 10 years old. I have worked in many kitchens and can cook just about anything, as long as it is not ornate or super decorative as I am not really good... Continue Reading →


I am writing this at 4am on Christmas morning. Baby S has just been fed and she is "arguing" with me as she falls asleep in her swing. She is so funny she becomes very vocal as she puts herself to sleep. She grunts and grunts which is why it sounds like she is mad... Continue Reading →

Weekend Before Christmas

It has been a tough week. M2 has been a good help with the babies but N requires constant prompting to help with the most minimal of tasks. I get so tired of having to lay everything out but then have to control my anger as part of it is her disability. She does help... Continue Reading →

Actual Facebook Exchanges

M1 posted this: I’ve got a question for my Facebook friends and family, do y’all think I’m mentally unstable? Ughhhh no why would u think that….not at all! I haven’t talked to you since my sophomore year of high school but I know you’ve always done the absolute best given your situations.I've been friends with... Continue Reading →

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