Vacation Get Away

I have to be honest, before the trial I had made a plan to go with the babies and M2 to Seaside Heights, NJ. I had it banked with my attorney to get approval from the judge if custody was not awarded. I had not told M1 and boytoy. I had also not told N. There was no way they were going to get there and there was not way they would find out. I wanted alone time with the kids where no one questioned my choices or decisions, well past the usual questions a teen throws at you. The found out three days before we left and even then all I told them was the dates not the location. They did not find out where until we returned home.

Let me say it was rough at points. M2 is VERY VERY moody and yes hormones play a role. We had two arguments over the course of the week, which overall is not too bad. I hated it but so much is going on I should have expected some type of lashing out. Ugg…reminds me of the meme “Mothers of teenagers understand why some animals eat their young.” I love her and I know I do but yikes I get sick of it like many of my friends with teenagers. Oh well overall a decent week for sure.

I think the highlight by far was when Baby Shark got to hug Moana.

We had a lot of fun in the sand and also eating a ridiculous amount of good food. I love fried clams and managed to get M2 to try them and now she likes them as well.

I regret nothing, well until tomorrow as I have my physical LOL. We left NJ on Saturday just as Henri was coming in so although it took forever we were out before the weather hit too badly. Traffic through Newark and NYC was gad awful but thankfully, the kids were good in the car. We made a stop at my parents house so the kids could run a bit before the 2 hour trek home. We got home tired but safely so that is all that matters.

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