Haunting Victories

Have you ever had a win that really hit you like a total loss? I think that best summarizes what happened in court this past Wednesday. We have been going to adjournment month after month since December with M1 and boytoy. Always some dumb answer came up as to why we couldn’t resolve the neglect petition. Finally I had enough and filed for custody. The multi page document was filled with incidents from police reports, cps reports and some texts from both M1 and boytoy. When M1 got her copy of the petition she reamed me a new butt hole about what a horrific person I was how I am ruining her family and trying to make her and boytoy out to be awful people. Ummm no you guys do a bunch of stupid things regularly and I am sick and tired of being dragged through court for nothing.

Finally we get some action on the neglect petition and then finally we get to the petition for custody. Both of the kids plead no contest to the neglect petition. Now please know this does not mean they acknowledge they did anything wrong. They pled no contest to avoid going to trial and having all the crap I put in the neglect petition to light. The Judge kept getting confused between the children and custody and my lawyer had to correct her a few times. The Judge was not impressed that I have had one child for almost two years and now filing for the other one after almost a year of having her as part of a safety plan. Parents remain adamant that they are good parents and more than able having done everything asked of them. Well they are partially correct, I mean DSS never said don’t get into legal trouble, don’t get evicted or make sure you have enough money. Yes that is in my sarcasm font but this is how they operate so it gets tough. My lawyer requested a temporary custody order and it was ultimately granted. Both of their lawyers said they would fight it but I also know that both of their lawyers have told them that they have a slim chance or winning against my case.

Needless to say there were tears on both sides. They cried in anger and frustration and I cried in abject sadness. Yes they are guilty, yes they deserve consequences but sh**** one of these idiots is my daughter and I love her regardless and never wanted this for her. There was no way to make this right and yes they should get in trouble and have some court mandates but the fact they already have 3 indicated child abuse reports and now a neglect charge is so much to process. It would be so much easier to take all of this if they actually took some real responsibility for their actions and were making a good faith effort to change things but they aren’t. They scream at me and are rude to me as if I was the one behind all their choices instead of the one just pointing how many of them there were. Oh well it is going to be what it is but still it is rough at times and yes I still love M1 despite her harsh words. I just try to remind myself they are coming from a place of hurt.

Its odd that yes I “won” that battle and for at least another month Baby Minnow will be with me. We have to go to trial and I will again have to point of all their issues. The legal ones are already filed with the court. I will provide the financial ones closer to the trial itself because even though a pre-trial has been set I know there is no way they will accept anything less than me not having custody. Meanwhile I was advised by my lawyer to push them as much as possible and document every blessed thing that happens. So far in 2 weeks we have had an overnight where the kids wouldn’t eat or sleep and this was reported by the parents in writing to me. I don’t have to make anything up there are problems there and I wish like hell they would address them and mature to their potential.

So I have to document and keep records of it all. I feel badly I have to do this but lets face it, we will have to have records and proof of absolutely everything so here we go. Sure I won but did I really?

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