Farm Visits

We live relatively close to Massachusetts so we can take a quick trip over the border when we want something different. This weekend we went to the Shaker Historical Village. Now it was a good size site to see but when you have two babies and a teen not so much interested in things she never heard of before it is a shorter time for sure. N was at respite so she was not with us which is all right because Shakers are not something she knows about either. Oh well there were baby animals so that works for me.

The babies watching the ducks and chickens

So we went to see the animals because the babies love them. They were transfixed by the ducks and chickens for some reason. We stood for a long time with them. At some point one of the roosters hopped off the fence and came over to the stroller. M2 almost had a heart attack. I reminded her they are fine just don’t touch them and yes they are curious. She was spooked but at least let go of my arm. The babies though, well they wanted to touch them

This blacksmith was very friendly!!!!

I felt a bit bad for M2 she goes out with me all the time but she doesn’t have any idea who Shakers are or why this site mattered. I tried to explain it to her but clearly she was not interested. As we walked I heard the telltale sign of a blacksmith, the hammer hitting. I brought M2 over and told her she would l like this a lot. She was in awe of the glowing metal and the pounding hammer. The Blacksmith himself talked to her a little bit about how they would make door handles and hinges out of metal. M2 was thrilled and excited that she “learned something by accident” Oh well I will take it. She did talk more about what the Shakers would do to eat, live in a house etc. It was cool to hear her ask questions about all this stuff.

Last weekend we also went to see some animals but at Indian Ladder, you can actually touch them. Now Baby S wanted NOTHING to do with touching animals. Baby K however loved it and wanted to see every one of the animals and touch practically all of them. She giggled and laughed the whole time which was nice to hear of course. I felt bad that N was not with us but she adamantly refused to come so no point really in pushing the issue.

The bunny was super soft and very calm.

I do love getting out for a bit even though I have a ton of work at the house to do. I keep trying to remember to keep it fun and inexpensive. It is good to spend time out and about and now that we have a slight lift in restrictions I want to be sure we take advantage of it. Yep as always I try to sneak in a bit of education but not enough that they can figure it out!!!

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