Spring Experiences

Wow my arm is sore….sigh….I got my first COVID vaccine today at the local pod as they are called. I went with M2 as she is not yet old enough to go on her own. The pod was run very well given the situation and life being what it is. We get in to get the shot and I am calming M2 down. I told her Titi was outside and we would join her soon. The nurse asked who Titi was and it turns out that she works with her regularly and told M2 a few fun work stories. The student aids wore the telltale uniforms from my college alma mater. I chatted with them a bit about their courses as I did lab prep for nursing student even though I was not a nursing student. We get the shots and sit in the waiting area. When we go to make our appointment for the second shot one of my Army buddies, who apparently was running the show, sat and talked to us for a bit. I go to leave and M2 looks at me and says in her most disgusted teenage voice “Come on Mom is there no place we go, when you don’t see one of your “Army buddies” I mean come on how many are there?” I laughed and said “Sweetie, 23 years doing something you meet a bunch of people. My job was unique in that I met A LOT of folks and trained probably thousands.” Oh how embarassing….but then I remembered feeling the same way with my Mom when we were out sooo yep I deserved it.

We then wanted to go to a farm to see the baby animals. We talked to Baby Shark about it and she was super excited, we get 2 miles away and are told that the state police shut it down. OMG Baby Sharks baby heart was broken. The sobs were awful, just awful and there was nothing that could be done. We diverted her attention and told her we would take a bike ride and she and sissy could ride in the new trailer. She cheered up but still it was tough knowing how sad she really was. Fortunately, she soon became her usual self when we fastened the trailer to my bike so we could ride.

May be an image of one or more people, people standing and outdoors
I was hoping pine cones would keep them from pulling each other’s hair.

Fortunately the path is relatively flat so it was not too hard. I mean pulling the kids weights plus the trailer makes things tougher but oh well. I did have to be careful though as I fell really hard earlier in the week and made my knee super aggravated so I can’t bend it as much as usual. Most of the way I was fine but toward the end the pain was getting the better of me. My Bestie was with us though and offered to take the kids so that I could walk for a bit with the bike to reduce the pain. I was thankful and the babies had a blast with their Titi. Poor M2 had her chain fall off her bike so we did end up having to go back to get her after we realized she was not with us or immediately near by. Thankfully I am a quick repair person and we were up and biking in no time. The kids really had fun and were so tired they fell asleep right after diaper changes.

Finally at home and M2 is just toasted. She ate her dinner and almost immediately plopped on the couch. The babies were in a pretty good space and they did for sure have fun. They required a bath though as the mud puddle outside the care was just way to much of a temptation to pass up. I am tired for sure but I had to take some meds to stop the throbbing before I too turn in. So glad it was nice outside, so glad we had fun. Oh and N was at respite so we will have some adventures with her tomorrow when she comes home.

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