February Days

I am not even sure where the time goes these days. I know on the second Friday we had the case manager visit. I know tomorrow she will arrive again, I mean at least she is supposed to I think. I called and asked but I did not her back so I will have to proceed as if it is a yes. Oh and did I mention our new neighbors are M1 and boytoy? Yep two doors down and it is no fun at all to find they are keeping tabs on our comings and going. No worries I have changed all the locks, locked the windows and padlocked the barn/garage. I know it seems excessive but M1 steals so I will take no chances.

The neglect petition is next month and so I talked to my lawyer to get the run down on what it means going forward. He explained to me that at the hearing the kids lawyers will present to them a list of requirements that if they agree to it will cause the neglect petition to be dropped. My lawyer will present that return of Baby K should also be dependent on them completing all required tasks. I asked him what happen if they don’t do anything or very little of anything because the worker has already reported that “the parents are being difficult.” He said that the worker can refile the petition of neglect for them to face legal charges. So the way I see it nothing will happen except on the 10th they will both lie and say yes then do nothing. Then the case will go on for only who knows how long until DSS decides if and when to do something about it. As I have said before fan-freaking-tastic.

Meanwhile I am trying to figure out the Disney trip we have scheduled for June. I know the parents will say no to the girls going if they do not go. I know I can over ride that choice and take Baby K but not so with Baby S. I basically cannot do anything with Baby S that they don’t sign off on. There is no legal status and no one can require I be allowed to do things since I do not have a legal stance.

I know they will say they want to come, but they honestly cannot afford it. I know not my business but here is what I do know. They owe their old apartment complex just short of $6000 in rent. The complex already said they will pursue legal charges so then they will tack on attorney fees onto that for an unknown total. They owe U-Haul $100. They owe me $130 for a rent assistance I gave them back in August. They owe Rent A Center some amount and it has gotten to the point where the store asked me where they moved so they can reclaim whatever it is they are renting. Yes I did give them the new address as I am tired of the store calling me and then the kids not calling them back. On top of all that…..they did not have the $500 for the deposit so they told the new landlord they would pay extra for the next two months. Fortunately M1 is now working a job so hopefully they can start to make a dent in some of this crazy debt.

I am initially thinking that I will see how the next couple of months go and if they make little to no progress I will file for custody of Baby S to remove their say in what can be done with her. I would hate to have to do it but I cannot stand the thought of M1 holding over our head again that she controls if we leave for Disney or not. Honestly I would take Baby K alone but the thought of leaving Baby S back with them potentially is worrisome to me although I imagine for 5 days they could be all right. I am not sure I would be though, I think I would spend a lot of time stressing and worrying.

But in the meantime, N has had a med adjustment and seems to be doing a bit better. M2 is more challenging but at least is open to maybe getting more services to help her cope with emotions. The babies are doing great. Baby K is starting to potty train and Baby S is running around like she owns the place. She laughs a lot more and is learning to play with other kids in her daycare class. As for me, well I try to hold tight most days and not let the aggravating things control my life or emotions. I am trying to talk more when things bother me both at home and work so I don’t yell at home or shut down at work.

So who knows what the next few weeks will bring but no point in stressing what cannot be controlled.

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