Winter Walk

Things have been crazy stressful lately. M1 and boytoy moved two doors away. They like to stalk us and tell us when we are home and not home. They call for me to come over to help multiple times a day. The help they need is setting up a baby swing for their roommate, change a tire etc. I am fed up and done. I have changed my locks so they cannot come in without my knowledge or permission. I am miserable. So to turn things around I decided to take a walk on the bike path with M2 and the babies. N was not feeling well so she stayed home with directions to NOT unlock the doors. Ugg not how I want to live.

Anyway the walk was beautiful and we had a good time.

I was glad we did it and it felt good to get outside for awhile. The two of them had a blast stomping in puddles and running on the path. Baby S was not impressed by any of this and fell asleep in the stroller as I pushed it. Oh well no harm and the fresh air felt good for everyone.

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