Enter the Case Manager

I was at home having a voice lesson, yes I do sing for church and local plays. N is expecting one of her workers and I get a text from the worker saying she will be here in 10 minutes. Right around the time she would arrive there is a knock at the door. I mute my microphone and yell for her to come in. I wait and she doesn’t answer. I yell again to come in and a new person walks through my door. Great I just let a total stranger into my home, fan freaking tastic. I tell my coach I have to go, which is all right because the lesson was just about over. I walk to her and she introduces herself.

“My name is P****. I am here with CPS.” OK what the freaking heck you show up unannounced to my home and now what the heck was going on? She says she was “in the neighborhood and thought I would stop by”. Fun fact, I live in a very small town and you don’t just happen to be here unless you were lost. Whatever not going to argue but still you have no right to show up unannounced. Also what exactly is this about because what could I possibly have CPS involvement for now? She clarifies she is the case manager since Baby S’s case has been moved to long term CPS. Still I am miffed, you can’t just show up to my home I mean I do have rights. I explain Baby S is at daycare and if she was going to continue to come over unannounced I could not be sure Baby S would be here. P apologized and explained she had to see the baby twice a month and offered to schedule the visits to make it easier for me and to ensure she could see Baby S. OK now I am less aggravated and we set up a schedule.

When she goes to leave she tells me she was suppose to meet with M1 and boytoy but they “were being difficult.” M2 blurts out “Well yeah they always are.” I was mortified, not that she was lying, because she wasn’t, but that she actually said it out loud. I shoot her a stink eye look as the worker leaves. I remind M2 that she needs to be nice and not blurt things out like that as it was rude even if it was true. M2 showed no signs of regret or shame…..gotta love that kid I swear.

M1 tells me that CPS never showed up or called them back. Please kiddo they were here unannounced I am pretty sure you just didn’t let them in. M1 asked me to tell her everything they said when they left after their visit and I just shook my head. You want to hear from them, you have them in your house. Later she messages M2 and tells her that DSS is now paying for their hotel because they are homeless. I swear this kid is going to drive me to drink. Oh wait no she isn’t because I won’t let her.

I can’t make this stuff up so I won’t even try. Good news, I am not in trouble and the kids are fine. The worker will come on Saturday as she was late at court today and did not want to intrude on our meal time. I am much less worried and aggravated now so all is well. As for the parents….who the heck knows truth at this point.

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