Happy Birthday M2

I am not by any means an emotional person. However yesterday I was in tears on and off because of the fact my baby turned 16. I was so overwhelmed with pride in her that I could not believe it. We had meetings to discuss job training so she can get a job. She started asking me questions about the rules of the road so she can try for a driving permit. She asked me if she could walk down the street to get an application to work at the local gas station. WOW when she was handed to me at 11months I would not in a million years think any f this is possible. She is truly amazing!!!

My Tik Tok addict LOL

She had a good day overall. We went to get some cupcakes and chocolate milk for her class. We got them at the local store, we pulled into the driveway at the high school and when I grabbed the bag the milk was in it ripped open and due to the cold the milk hit the ground and the plastic split. We lost the whole gallon right there in the parking lot. I was so disappointed but M2 took it like a champ. She laughed at me and said “Umm Mom you are covered in chocolate and sticky I am not hugging you good bye.” Yes she laughed after that so I said “Fine who wants to hug high schoolers anyway. (I did I did I did)”

We had pizza, wings and parmesan bites for dinner from our local Dominos. M1 came over and we did our best to not have a confrontation. I thought it went all right but then at midnight M1 messaged me telling me to tell M2 not to send picture of “her children” to people she doesn’t know. Really you put them on Facebook complete with names so no I am not going to talk to her about this crap have a good day.

Today the babies are a bit off as to be expected. I broke a few usuals to make them feel better and it seems to be working. The newly 16 year old is still sleeping as is our 18 year old and as they say “don’t poke the bear” so I will let them both sleep as they wish.

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    1. Yes I do I have custody of Baby K and Baby S is here as part of a safety plan no real status. DSS refuses to remove so we will see that the Judge says at the neglect petition hearing later this month.

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