New Year Old Struggles

I am trying to be positive so let’s see how this goes….

Positive, I have wanted a Ninja Foodi so after struggling with the holidays I decided that I would buy myself one. Now they are expensive and so it took me a bit to struggle with coughing up the monies but my coworker swore it would be a good purchase and it turns out she is right. I love cooking and to have a new toy to cook with is a lot of fun and looking up recipes and cooking them is so much fun for me!!! The kids don’t mind either as so far they have had good food for several days in a row. I started with frozen taquitos then tried French fries and last frozen food was perogies. Last night I did a real dinner and it looked something like this

Seasoned air fried chicken thighs.

Unfortunately, boytoy and M1 were at the house again. They claim they are there to see the girls but when they are here they mostly watch TV and barely play with them. They are here for dinner and to use my washing machine if possible. They told me their washing machine apparently broke so yes I do let them use it because wearing dirty clothes bothers me. They also said they have no food stamp money till Friday so I guess they are just here for my cooking…sigh. Yes I am a good cook but the freaking arguments I am pretty sure would anger Mother Theresa. So after 5 nights at my house over this last two weeks I am done and the babies are stressed out so no more for this week.

Court for all of us is on the 25th of this month. In addition to the petition for custody of Baby K, M1 and boytoy are facing a neglect petition. Hopefully they mail in the documents to ask for a public defender because they will need it for sure. When I talk to M1 she swears up and down that DSS is trying to terminate boytoy’s rights to Baby S. I had my lawyer looked and he said there is no such petition in the docket. I try to talk to her about this and she is adamant, ok whatever I guess you will find out on the 25th. My lawyer advised me that the petition for custody should be dropped and he hoped that the appointed lawyer will also advise them of this due to the neglect petition. My lawyer also told me that he thinks DSS is trying to get me to fold and just apply for custody but if I do that then the neglect charge goes away. Nope not going to happen, they need to face their reality.

Another positive is that finally, we have gotten in touch with ACCESS VR to get some job placement training and support for N. I am so thankful that we got in touch and we have hooked up so we can get N out of her room and into the real world. She has been awful lately and I think a job will help her feel more productive and improve her feelings of self worth. I also think it will help her understand the cost of things better.. Currently she does not seem to think that when she breaks things it is a big deal to replace it. Well sometimes it isn’t but sometimes it is so welcome to spending your own money to get things replaced. I am not sure it will do this but at least it is a start in the right direction.

I am hoping that the year goes a bit more smoothly. I am not sure what the heck will happen in court but we can still move forward. I am hopeful that things will look up after the rough patch called 2020. I would love for M1 and boytoy get their feet on the ground and their heads out of their butts to resolve their issues. I hope that N can learn to work hard and develop some pride in doing a job. I hope M2 learns to keep her mouth closed and out of other folk’s business. I hope the babies are less stressed when they see their parents. So it is not a huge list of needs for the new year but there is some hope and of course some worry.

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