Lights in the Park

Now that the holiday is over I decided to catch up on a few things. I had to go to the home improvement store to order a new shower kit and for the interim caulk to make some quick fixes. Yes I do enjoy my old house but cripes I am doing a lot of work lately. Now no I don’t mind really it just seems daunting at times. Baby S and K were with me as was M2. N was home as she was on a raging trip and I just needed to be away from her. I decided after dragging them through the store to reward their mostly good behavior with a trip through Lights in the Park. It is a drive through light display that is a bit more pricey than I like but whatever they were mostly good in a really boring to them store.

After the drive through we ordered pizza and drove through the downtown Albany area so M2 could get a photo of this area right at the Capitol.

Taken outside the Capitol building. The large building on the left is called The Egg. The tall building in the back are state offices.

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