COVID Week 2

As we started the second week of quarantine I was dreading every day. I could not work because the kids demanded constant attention. The babies needed me to play with them and snuggle with them. The teens needed me for schoolwork and computer issues. I desperately wished for adult conversation but alas it was not to happen. I was tired but not the kind that sleep can fix, it was just depression coming to a head.

I still have folks bringing us milk and medications as needed. We ordered delivery food to break up the monotony of having to cook constantly. We watch holiday movies and a ton of Cocomelon. I started to take the little ones outside just to break things up. We got snow so then we played a bit in the snow. Baby S doesn’t have boots though so we had to stay out for short bursts much to Baby K’s dismay. Baby K loves the snow so not staying outside is a travesty in her mind, well until she falls down and her hands get wet. Once her hands get wet we are done and going inside.

Baby S chasing the “dog dog in the” snow. He lets her get close then takes off.

We have to make it work and it is tough. We are supposed to go to Disney but with no real plan for Baby S and me not having any legal rights makes it impossible to go. M1 and boytoy refuse to let me take either child to go Disney with us even though I can take Baby K if I wanted to as I have sole physical custody. I was so angry and frustrated with her for constantly throwing this in my face when the reason I had Baby S was to prevent her from going into foster care. They do not care they want their kids for the holiday so screw the rest of us. Everyone at this end is aggravated as all heck, but there is a silver lining.

We went to court on Monday because M1 wanted to get sole custody of Baby K. Nope she doesn’t want boytoy to have custody just her. I tried to talk to her about postponing the hearing given she had a safety plan in place currently and she refused to listen. Baby K’s legal representative said the same thing and she refused to drop it for now. We go to the hearing via Teams and the Judge says to my lawyer “So your client is disputing the fact that the rightful parents have stable housing and income?” My lawyer was straightforward and said “No Ma’am she just has a concern because currently both parents are under investigation by CPS. Additionally, there is a safety plan in place in which their youngest child, born after this petition, is in my client’s care and has been for over a month.”

Well I have never seen a proceeding stop so quickly. The Judge looked at the two parents and said “Is this the case?” and neither one answered. She then ordered a 1034 which is a report from DSS which states their concerns and what they feel the parents need to do to get the safety plan removed. M1 and boytoy were told to get a lawyer and how to apply to the court for one. The proceeding was adjourned until next month. My lawyer emailed me the next day and said “In the meantime, someone from “my” County DSS will likely reach out to you as part of the investigation the judge ordered, so feel free to speak freely with the investigator.  They will also be speaking with M1 and boytoy and submitting a report to the judge in advance of our 1/25 appearance.  We will be able to see a copy of the report at that time.

So even though I could file for custody of the baby I will not at this time. I think it would be too hard of a blow to them before the holidays. Now truth be told there are times when I get angry and think about doing it to teach them a lesson but then I remind myself not to be petty. Even M2 said “Mommy why don’t we just take Baby K because we can and teach them a lesson?” I looked at her and I said “Because I am a better person than that.” She looked at me curiously so I explained that while I could do that it would be wrong to not consider all the folks involved and make a better decision.

But today is Wednesday and let me tell you about my BFF. She was talking to me and asking what I needed and I asked for her boyfriend to pick up some milk. She asked if I wanted anything else and I said no we were good. She said what about the girls. I laughed and said “Well they really want McDonalds but we can wait until Tuesday.” When her boyfriend came to the house he brought the girls McDonalds and me a diet Coke. I was so moved that I was yelling thank you as he left my driveway. I texted my BFF and thanked her. The girls texted her and said thank you as well. It was so sweet and thoughtful even if it is incredibly unhealthy. Yes diet Coke is my personal vice. So we are good today and very very grateful to everyone who helps us out. It will be a few more days of our trapped in the house but it is manageable.

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