Incredible Audacity

We have been homebound for a week and managing all right. M1 checks in when she has questions and to complain about her life but doesn’t typically ask about the girls or how we are doing. She did ask today if we were getting COVID tested before quarantine ends, well she asked M2.

Yesterday I was shocked to get a text from Boytoy. He asked me if I knew what M1 wanted for Christmas and I said I was aware she wanted a Mac Book Pro but past that I hadn’t really paid attention. He then asked me if I was getting it for her. You are kidding right? A Mac Book Pro costs $596 refurbished and $1299 new. Where do you suppose I would get that money and why would I spend it on her. He tells me she really really wants it and I tell him nope not going to get it from me. He tried to convince me that it was for her You Tube channel and please she doesn’t have any followers she is not going to make money that way. My brain was screaming “are you kidding me I am taking care of both your kids!!!!” Oh and did I mention I had made plans to go to Disney this year for Christmas? They know this and because they cannot go they decided they didn’t want Baby K to go either. Well hate to break it to you but I have final say and since you have a safety plan in place no I am not going to give you a child for four nights knowing the sh** will hit the fan when M1 doesn’t get her Mac Pro.

Oh well breathe and let it go. M1 then messaged me and asked me what time court was on Tuesday. Ummm you are taking me to court so you find your email. Actually court is Monday so there is that but whatever I am not going to answer that question. I have told her that it is an initial appearance so nothing will be decided but she has decided that Baby K will be returned to them on Monday. Really with a safety plan in place? She won’t listen because it isn’t what she wants to hear. Also I must add that on the court document she stated she had stable housing and income. Today she asked if when she gets Baby K back can they move in with me because they can’t afford their apartment anymore and the Section 8 she applied for is “too shady.”

I told her no and that she could lock the doors for safety. She then went and started to tell anyone who would listen that I don’t care about her and the kids. I don’t care if she is homeless and I am a heartless….well I can’t type what she said. You are kidding right? You lie on a court document and then you are mad because I refuse to let you back in my home? I have taken care of both your kids with NO support from you in any way shape or form. When I do ask for help you refuse most of the time. OK I am heartless well maybe but my counselor said set boundaries so I did. Except that I know the kids aren’t going home to their parents on Monday I would be more upset but I am not now. You created this mess, you find your way out of it and if you want to trash me in the process, well that is your issue.

Meanwhile the kids are playing with blocks as we watch Christmas specials on Netflix, Hulu or Plex. I am not going to drive myself crazy with the BS she wants to spin with her friends. I have done more than my share to help you out and just because I don’t bend to your every whim, well you will have to get used to being an adult.

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