COVID Vacation

Yep it finally came around to our house and we are all in quarantine. Ugg this stinks. M1 had taken Baby S for a day two weeks ago because I had brochitis and she failed to tell anyone that she was not feeling well herself. She was positive for COVID and of course the baby then had to be tested and on Cyber Monday it was official, she is positive. Whole house is on quarantine and it is miserable. Good news is that the only one who is showing signs of being sick is me but that is because I was sick before the COVID crud came to our house.

When I got the news I started to cry because I was overwhelmed. I cried for a good couple of hours as I picked up the kids and drove them home. How can I work full time, care for two infants and help 2 teens with disabilities do their schoolwork? I sent an email to my boss and the Director telling them I didn’t have a lot of options but could work part time and charge vacation if it was all right with them. The Director called me back in the midst of my crying jag. He told me there was a type of emergency leave I can be put in for 10 days at full pay without using my vacation hours. OK well then there were more tears but now it was relief. I thanked him over and over. He laughed and said “Look you are having the year from hell. We will help where we can.” I was eternally grateful and made sure he knew it.

I am so grateful that I can take the time to focus on the kids and not have to worry about my job. I am grateful we are mostly well and not symptomatic. I am so very grateful for telemed to help me manage my coughing issues. I am grateful to A for picking up my meds and being willing to do shopping for me. We have had to reach out to so many folks and all have been wonderful so in that way I am truly blessed.

As of right now I am definitely better than I was for sure. Baby S is starting to walk and Baby K is learning to go down stairs on her own. Both teens are good about going to online classes and not fighting with each other so I do appreciate that and yes I do tell them. We have made some family fun things like parmesan bread and cinnamon bread. We have made smoothies to be healthier and of course every now and again pancakes because I actually have time to do it. So it was a rough start for sure but it has evened out for now. I am so grateful to everyone who has helped and to my primary for stopping the awful coughing. One more week to go I think we can do this!!!

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