Vacation Positives

Yes I did previously post all the negative crud on the vacation because it was A LOT but when I remember to be positive, let me share some of those moments with you guys.

My BFF showing Baby K some shells in the sand. At Seaside Park veterans and their dependents get free beach admission
The edge of Mosquito Bay. Baby K was very upset I did not let her go swimming here but there were crabs soooo no.
Too cold to swim but not too cold to play on the sand with her Aunts.
Bold seagull. We had to be careful on the boardwalk though because they turn nasty around food.
Lucy the Elephant. America’s “Oldest Roadside Attraction” My Grandmother visited this site when I was growing up so I had to see it for myself.
The actual Atlantic City Boardwalk.

We did have many moments of fun and I need to focus on those. The place we rented was amazing and the owner was super helpful. We went to a bunch of “veteran friendly” locations so we got a bunch of discounts which of course saved me some money. Yes I snuck in a history lesson about Caesar when we saw the casino, the history of Lucy and of course rip tides, shark types and shell types on the beach. Again don’t tell them they learned something LOL

We all went swimming even the baby but of course we never put her down in the ocean. The first waves hit her foot and she was like nope not having it but then we went in and jumped up over a few and she was fine laughing her little head off. She is NOT a fan of salt water in her face so we did have to do some creative blocking on the larger waves.

It was a long drive home as the navigation device died but we did make it eventually. I was glad to be home in my own bed without a sleeping buddy. Tough to unpack and of course get stuff together but oh well can’t stay on vacation forever I suppose.

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