Gad Awful Vacation

So I might not go on vacation for awhile now that I just had this experience. All of it is true and none of it is pretty. Please be warned some of the information I will discuss in this post are NOT for those who are faint of heart or easily offended. I promise to go back to that style writing once the present clears itself up.

We went on vacation to Seaside Heights New Jersey. It was a good couple of days at first, the weather was nice, the kids behaved and M1 was silent. It all changed one afternoon when we were at the beach. My BFF took Baby K to look for shells and I was playing in the waves. I turn to see what looked like M2 jumping down on top of someone or something. I then see what I think is N doing the same thing. I do not have my glasses on but my senses were screaming “get the f*** out of the water and up there.” I run up to see the girls fighting, literally slapping and punching each other in the sand. People are looking and 2 folks had cell phones out.

I yank the two apart and use language not fit for printing. I get the story from both who are screaming at this time and I know it will only be a matter of time before we get tossed off the beach. I tell them both to shut up and sit down and listen to their stories. This time I suspect it is M2 that started this mess but the details will never be clear. It really does seem though that N was defending herself but then got carried away. After the story from both M2 decided that throwing sand at me was the best option. She almost blinded my by throwing it in my eyes. I knew I could not do a take down on the sand so I grabbed my towel and pinned her arms to her body as I stood behind sputtering from the sand. I held her for what seemed and eternity till she calmed down. We talked about it. My BFF returns and we decide to leave the beach. Thankfully no police were called.

I go to the water to rinse off the sand and a man is by the edge. I can see him clearly now as I had my glasses back on but don’t know who he is as we are not from here. He says “I saw the whole thing. God bless you and keep you safe.” I said “Thank you Sir, God is good but the kids are challenged in a couple of ways.” He smiled and said “I know I could tell. God bless you for raising them as your own (both kids shouted I was not their real mother during the mess). I smiled and thanked him. I go to leave and the man who sat behind us on the beach stops me and says “Are you sure it is safe to go home?” I told him I appreciate his concern but that both kids were calm now so I was good but thank you. He sort of half smiled at me and said “I can feel your pain and know I am not judging you.” I thanked him profusely praying the whole time he was telling the truth.

We go back to our rented home and I send the kids to the showers and then to their rooms. They were DONE for the night. My BFF and I made dinner and talked about nothing in particular The next morning my phone dinged. It was Facebook Messenger, the way M1 usually prefers to contact me. I went to look realizing it could also be my Navy buddy who is deployed. Nope no such luck it is my oldest. She has sent me a picture of Baby S’s private areas to me to ask what I thought I was looking at. Clearly the areas were red and not “normal”. I said “Go to the doctor or ER. Don’t care which but go!!!!” I almost threw up immediately as the only thing that raced through my head was that Baby S had been sexually abused.

M1 was a perpetrator and I was absolutely sick that she had done something to get back at boytoy. Turns out that she and boytoy had left Baby S with someone they didn’t really know overnight so they could have a night off. When they came home they saw a red area and was not sure if it was a rash or something more. Long story turns out it was not a rash or birthmark. The ER did a series of x-rays and of course a rape test. I am beyond upset hearing this at this point and notified CPS myself, not that the ER would not. They keep Baby K overnight and the next day they release her telling M1 and boytoy it is a bacterial infection. The results from the rape test are due soon and based on that the police will decide if they are pressing charges. They also told M1 that since she took photos of Baby S’s gentils she had actually created pornography. OK I get it but come on she sent it to me to see my thoughts as I was not in the area at the time.

So life is a hot mess right now. I am hoping that CPS actually does something this time but I am not confident in them. CPS has told M1 she cannot be alone with her children. She rages about how ridiculous this is and I know that she will not follow it. I am sick now because I cannot imagine this will end in any way that is safe for the baby. Of course I will continue to pray for her but I am worried out of my mind.

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