Strawberry Time

Each year I tell myself we will go to the local berry farm to pick strawberries and honestly every year I remember again in July, well past strawberry season. BUT today I actually remembered AND we got there right before closing so we picked a bunch, well 3 pounds to be exact.

What 3 pounds of picked strawberries actually looks like.
Baby K under the watchful eye of M2 picking strawberries for the first time.
A patch of berries that M2 found when walking down the rows.
At the end of the row the new crop is not yet a berry to pick.

N decided she did not want to go. She had laundry to do but also was in a mood because again this morning she had been caught stealing again, refused to flush the toilet and was reminded to clean her room. No nothing huge just an on purpose slow moving day so I was like forget this I want to go so we went without her. Mind you when we came back and rinsed them off I did bring some down to her. I mean she was moving just really, really slowly.

Good day overall although it was super hot. We had a good time and the strawberries are delicious.

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