Thursday Surprise

Yesterday M1 messaged me asking if we could sit down and talk about them getting Baby K back. I said I heard her on Sunday that she was going to do it and reminded her the form she needed was a change in circumstances. I explained I heard her, I get it and am not upset go ahead and do it. She relays that M2 “begged her to work something out so that Baby K was not out of her life” Hmmm something fishy here…remember you said Baby K was in danger because of how “dangerous” M2 was.

I talk to M2 and she said she was in fact worried that M1 would vanish with the kids. She was scared because she knows that M1 cannot handle 2 kids and thought maybe if Baby K spent one week with her and one week with us, it would make it simpler for M1. Sweet innocent logic for sure but no honey that won’t work. M2 was getting more upset and started to point out all the parenting things that they did when she was with them which she felt were wrong. While yes many were not great none would harm Baby K sooooo I just let her vent.

This morning the phone dings and it is M1 she wants to know if my lawyer does divorces. I tell her no and to find someone else as my lawyer was out of her price range. Nope not getting into it or bothering my lawyer for her nonsense, you find it all out yourself, also I am NOT paying for anything. You literally just got a $400 tattoo don’t tell me you have no money for a lawyer. I shake it off and don’t think any more of it. I don’t have time frankly as the day is really busy for work.

They get here today and at one point M1 and I sit down and I ask her about the divorce. I choose my words carefully to get information. M1 is a bomb, say something wrong and booom crap happens. M1 tells me that she wants Baby K and Baby S away from all the fighting that she and boytoy are doing. She then claims that boytoy had “choked her so hard she turned blue” I look at her neck, no marks, no bruising nothing. She said it happened yesterday soooo where is the proof. I asked if she called the police and she said no. I am not sure I believe her but heck I don’t know. She explains she wants a divorce and he does not. He feels that having Baby K back in the house will bring them closer together.

Anyone else catching the lack of clarity here? I looked at her and said “OK so you get the baby back and you go home. You will start fighting again and both kids will now be there. Kids create stress. Your relationship is already suffering sooo what happens if CPS gets involved again because of the fighting or worse some sort of accident?” I look at her wrist and see superficial scratches on them. So you were threatening suicide again? Holy crap kid how do you think this will work out?

I would pay money to know the truth. I would also pay for a divorce except I don’t want to be in the middle. M2 relays that M1 also told her that boytoy threatened to take both kids and leave her so she would never see them again. I look at M1 and she says “Well ya know I told her a bunch of things.” Sure you did, you wanted to set it up so that if anything happens you make sure M2 hates boytoy based on lies or half truths. Ugg I don’t need any of this I have to be honest, oh well such is life.

So we shall see what unfolds next. Vacation next week so that should be fun!!!

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