M1 at it Again

M1 and boytoy had Baby K from Saturday to Sunday. They told me they were dropping off Baby K between 2:30 and 3pm. Ok its fine I was home doing yardwork anyway. N and I were tearing down a fence and M2 was mowing, we were having a basically good day overall. Then of course M1 happens.

M2 got way overheated mowing. She has NEVER done as much as she did today so I went down to her (our yard is a huge hill) and brought her some water. We came up the hill and about then M1 pulled into the driveway. I did not think anything more of it and I continued the lawn. N asked if she could help with Baby S and I said no problem, she had been working hard and done a good job. I am at the bottom of the hill by the river and I see M1 heading down with Baby K. Now Baby K is TERRIFIED of the lawn mower so I shut it off immediately.

Baby K motions she wants to go into the river so I take off my shoes and head in. As M1 gets closer she says to me “We want Baby K back. M2 threw a hammer at me for no reason and she (Baby K) isn’t safe here. Also can N sleep over?” OK you are kidding me right? First of all M2 would NEVER throw a hammer at her sister ever!!!! I try to get details and the story she tells me doesn’t even sound feasible. I shrug and say “All right well you know what you need to do.” She said “Yeah we don’t leave her with you anymore. M2 and N are too violent and she doesn’t need to be around that all the time.”

Umm no you go to court and file a change of circumstance and then it will be reviewed. M1 told me they had met all the criteria and that it would be simple. Boytoy then joined in and said “Yeah and the Judge even said we don’t have to go back into court we can just do it out of court no problem.” Yes I was born at night but not last night and no if they wanted to get custody returned to them, no problem see you back in court because I wanted to be sure that my legal responsibilities were ended. So then neither wanted to talk to me but whatever I don’t fall for M1’s BS and lies.

M1 then asked if N could sleep over. I immediately said no. Boytoy laughed and said “Wow that was a quick no. What did she do?” I didn’t answer, it was not their business anyway. I mean last time she was there you gave her a condom and a free talk about how she could have all the sex she wanted because she was over 17 and legally I could not do anything. Also didn’t you just say that N was “too violent”? If you are sure she is so violent then why have her at your apartment, so you can provoke her, set her off and then call the cops on her? Umm no she is not sleeping over for her safety.

Baby K came into the water with me and kicked and kicked she loved it. Unfortunately after a bit she pooped so Dad had to take her up and get her changed. Baby K threw a fit, she did not like being out of the water. Baby S was in M1’s arms and she was squirming to see me. I held her and dipped her feet in the water. She shrieked and then let me know it was NOT what she wanted so I took her toes out of the water and talked with her. M1 wanted to know where I kept the papers for the custody and I told her I was not sure it was in one of two locations but I was not sure where exactly. No you are NOT going to get my copy and yes I know EXACTLY where it is in reality.

I was sooooo glad they left and did not stay for dinner. Baby K waved good bye and was off to the next thing. Her parents tried to drag it out but she was not having it too much baby stuff to do apparently. I ate dinner with my two and again reviewed how M1 sets them up for failure with the intent to get them in trouble and prove her point how Baby K is not safe with us. I also reminded N that if she ever did go over to M1s house they would provoke her and then call the cops proving how dangerous she was. N looked down and said “I forgot about that.” Good news I did not.

I am tired of the threats. Go ahead and go to court, I hope you have a lawyer. Since December……the cops have been to your house 3 times, to mine none. You have both threatened to kill yourselves twice each I have not. You are fighting constantly and telling me you are divorced did you really think M1 that I forgot that? You want custody I will have to bring up a few things about you like…..you are a convicted child abuser, times 2 AND it was strongly suggested by a professional that you should not be left alone with young children.

No I don’t really want to do that but I will fight like hell to show the world what type of person she really is. I am more than happy to work with them in raising their child but come to my house and pretend my kids are the issue, nope not gonna have it. So anyway off I go to bring Baby K to bed. Hopefully M1 will calm the freak down but if not then ok see you in court, hope you have a lawyer.


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